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Cauliflower Rice

CAULIFLOWER RICEserves 2 ingredients:1/2 head of cauliflower, grated1/4 cup chicken stockextra virgin olive oil Heat 1-2 T of olive oil in a large pan and start to saute the grated cauliflower over medium heat. Continue sauteing, stirring, until the cauliflower … Continue reading

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0903 Month in review

Progress: 4 weigh ins- average weight: 188.8, average bodyfat reading (Tanita scale) : 11.97%Problems: I noticed lagging energy levels during the week, possibly from simply not eating enough. My Zone perscription from Beyond the is 16 blocks, but looking … Continue reading

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Breakfast3 eggs, 1 oz. kielbasa, 4 bacon strips1/2c. mixed peppers, 1T chopped onion2t. olive oil~5P, 1/2C, 4FLunch4 oz. turkey1-1/2c. strawberries, 1c. sourkraut,18 cashews, 1/3t. olive oil~4P, 3.5C, 6FDinnerChicken chowder, almonds~4P, 3C, 7FSnackprotein pudding, walnuts~3P, 3C, 10FTotals-~16P, 10C, 27F

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Broccoli casserole

1-1/2 lb ground turkey or beef2c. broccoli1/2c. chicken stock/broth1c. shredded cheddar cheese1/4c. chopped onion10 oz. can Cream of Chicken soup(for those not avoiding grains- mix 3T melted butter with 1-1/2c. crushed Club or similar type crackers for topping) Method:Preheat oven … Continue reading

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BreakfastProtein shake with milk and a banana4t. peanut butter~4.5P, 4.5C, 8FLunch4 oz. turkey, 1 apple, 30 almonds~4P, 2C, 10FSnackzone bar2P, 2C, 4FDinnerBroccoli casserole- 5 oz. ground turkey, 1/2 oz. cheese, 1c. broccoli15 cashews~5.5P, 1/2C, 5FSnackprotein pudding, 30 cashews3P, 2C, 10FTotals-~19P, … Continue reading

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Breakfast3 eggs, 4 strips of bacon3 mandarine orangesLunchhot dog, 3/4 personal pizzareeses piecesDinnersalmon, broccoli, cauliflowerbrownie, ice cream, girl scout cookies, peanut butter chips, 2 pop tarts

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Breakfast4 oz. turkey, 1 banana, 3.5t. peanut butter~4P, 3C, 7FLunch 2 Scottish eggs, 1 c. strawberries, 1t. almond butter, 9 almonds~6P, 2C, 5FSnackzone bar2P, 2C, 4FDinnerOh man where do I start? I went to Souplantation. Not the greatest place to … Continue reading

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