protein shake- 1.5c. milk, 1.5 scoops protein, 2/3 banana, 2T almond butter
~4.5P, 3.5C, 10F
6 oz. meatloaf(the last of it)
1 apple
~6P, 2C, 6F

1/2c. cottage cheese
1/2c. yogurt
9 cashews
~3P, 1C, 3F
4 oz. chicken, 1+ oz. calamari
1.5c. mixed veggies- eggplant, bamboo shoots, carrots, green & red bell peppers
cooking oil
~4+P, 1C, 8F
girl scout cookies- ~11C

Total-~17.5P, 18.5C, 27F
Girl Scout cookies are of the devil! 🙂 It’s amazing how the carb blocks can add up with cookies.
Activity- rest day
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