Weigh in- 189.0, 12.2% BF

2 eggs, 5 strips bacon, cheese
1 banana
2.5t peanut butter
~4P, 3C, 5F
3/4c. cottage cheese, 2/3c. yogurt
handful cashews
~4P, 2C, 8F
Zone bar
2P, 2C, 4F
Dinner(cheat- dinner party)
5 oz. chicken, 1 oz. beef
1c. broccoli, 1c. salad w/dressing, 4 strawberries
lemon and chocolate cake, m&ms, sparkling cider
~6P, 12C, 10F
Total-~ 16P, 19C (this could be way off, I don’t know about the cake), 27F
Activity- Weekend Warriors wod: workout log post

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