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Breakfast (6:00)3 eggs 3 strips bacon, 1T lard1 banana w’ 2T almond butter~4P, 3C, 10FActivity- “Elizabeth“–squat cleans, ring dipsLunch (10:30)6 oz. ground beef w’ zucchiniyam fries, 1/2 c. applesauce w’ cinnamon6 macadamia nuts~6P, 3C, 10FSnack (1:30)2 oz. turkey, 1 apple, … Continue reading

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0904 Month in review

Progress:3 weigh ins- average: 185.8 lbs, avg bodyfat: 11% Problems:Energy still a problem, only during the day, not during workouts. I feel better than ever when I workout, especially the metcons. Adding a few more carb blocks helped with energy, … Continue reading

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Breakfast4 eggs, 2 oz. kielbasa cooked in butter1/2c. applesauce~6P, 1C, 3FLunch4 oz. keilbasa, 6c. spinach, 1c. sourkraut1 banana caramel sticky bun~4P, 3C, 15FSnackprimal energy bar~2P, 2C, 20FDinnerCauliflower crust pepperoni pizza~4P, 2CSnackprotein pudding, cashews~2P, 2C, 10FTotal-~18P, 10C, 48F

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Breakfast (6:00)3 eggs cooked in butter, sprinkle w’ cheese, 3 strips bacon1 banana w’ nat pb ~4P, 3C, 12FActivity- Shoulder pressLunch (11:30)3 oz. chicken 1 c. protein puddinghandful of cashews~5P, 2C, 8F Snack (2:45)2 banana caramel sticky buns~2P, 6C, 30FDinner … Continue reading

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Parmesan broccoli dish

Prep time: 20 min (includes cooking broccoli) Cook time: 30 minutes Serves 4 6 cups broccoli, cooked soft2 cups cubed turkey (about 8 oz.)1 cup mayonnaise1 cup parmesan1 cup mozzerella (or colby jack) Preheat oven to 350 While the broccoli … Continue reading

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Fast from 7:00 last night (22 hour fast) Activity-SDHP/ring dips at 19  hours fasted Dinner (5:00)Broccoli and turkey in cheese sauce~5P, 2c, 10FSnack (8:00)Protein pudding with peanuts~2P, 2C, 10FTotals-~7P, 4C, 20F

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Weigh in- 187 lbs, 11% bodyfat Breakfast (7:00)3 eggs, 3 strips bacon4 5 inch pancakes with butter and syrupLunchtriscuits and cheese, brownies, lemon barsmilk and ice creamSnackpopcornDinnermini chicken sandwiches, fries, oreo cookie shake

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