Weigh in: 187.4 lbs, 10.2 % bodyfat.  Tanita scale is so weird, I stepped on it this morning on an empty stomach and it said 15% bodyfat!  I think if you’re dehydrated you get an inflated reading or something.

2 oz. Chorizo, 3 eggs
1/2c. yogurt, 1 banana with 2T peanut butter
~4P, 4C, 10F

5 oz. chicken with bacon and ranch
1-1/2c. mashed cauliflower
~5P, 3C, 10F

1 oz. string cheese
chinese buffet:
3 oz. teriyaki chicken, 1 oz. shrimp, 4 oz. crab
stuffed mushrooms(crab & cheese), 1c. lettuce, mushrooms and onions, assorted veggies
ranch dressing, sunflower seeds, butter, chopped olives, oil
~8P, 4C, 12F
Total-~ 18P, 11C, 32F

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