Decided to do an 18 hour fast. Last meal was 8:00 last night, +18 hrs = 2:00 today.
3 oz. kielbasa
1c. sourkraut, 2c. spinach
handful of peanuts
~3P, 2c, 10F
Dinner– 5:00
Beef and kielbasa stew
~6P, 3C, 4F
Snack- 8:00
Slice of primal cheesecake with strawberries
~1C, 20F
Totals-~9P, 6C, 34F
Couple hunger pangs in the morning and again an hour after breakfast (oddly more intense than before breakfast), but overall not too bad.  Feeling hungry on primal foods is so different. On cheat days I feel hungry like I need to eat.  I feel hungry in my head as much as in my stomach and crave junk food. Today I felt hungry in the stomach, but I was clear headed,  more in control.

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