Breakfast (6:00)
3 eggs 3 strips bacon, 1T lard
1 banana w’ 2T almond butter
~4P, 3C, 10F
Activity- “Elizabethsquat cleans, ring dips
Lunch (10:30)
6 oz. ground beef w’ zucchini
yam fries, 1/2 c. applesauce w’ cinnamon
6 macadamia nuts
~6P, 3C, 10F
Snack (1:30)
2 oz. turkey, 1 apple, 2T almond butter
~2P, 2C, 10F
Dinner (5:00)
Curry chicken
Brussel sprouts fried in butter with chopped pecans and topped with bacon
~5P, 1C, 10F
Snack (8:00)
protein pudding, peanuts, healthy choice fudge bar
~3P, 3C, 1oF
Totals-~20P, 12C, 50F

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