30 day primal challenge Day 1

32 years old
height- 5’10”
Chest- 44″
Waist at navel- 37″
Waist just above hip bones- 35.5″
Weight- 196.2 lbs
Bodyfat % – 13.5 in A.M., 10.8 in P.M. (that’s the way of the Tanita scale)

Most days (except the days I forget) I take 3 g of fish oil, 4,000 i.u.’s of vitamin D3 and a multivitamin, so I won’t take the time to write it in every day.

Scrambled eggs with ham
blueberries with almonds and a banana
Ham, cheese, apple and almond butter
Cornish game hen, baked apples and sweet potato chips

No problems with cravings or hunger today, in fact I wasn’t hungry when I ate lunch. I ate because I was going to work out and it was a couple of hours till dinner. One day down, 29 to go 🙂

WOD 090803 “J.T.”

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Handstand pushups
Ring dips


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