Tuesday 6-25-13

Warm-up: Stretch, Row 250M, 10 HR Push-ups, 10 Shoulder Press with bar X 2


OTM X 10: 3 Push Press(135/95), Mtn Climbers until 40 sec. mark, rest 15 secs.

Rest 3 minutes, then:

For time

1 Round of Helen (400m run, 21 KB swings @53 lb, 12 pull-ups)

1 Round of Annie(50/50) double unders, sit-ups

1 Round of Kelly (400m run, 30 wallballs @20 lb, 30 box jump 24″)

10 reps of Grace (135 lb clean and jerk)

12:48 rx

Rest as needed: Power Snatch 7 X 2 @ 70%


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