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Primal challenge day 26

Breakfastscrambled eggs with green onions, buffalo dog, and shredded cheeseSnackalmonds, cashews, 2 datesLunchsalmon, apple with almond butterDinnerItalian sausage with carmelized onions. Celery with pb WOD FRIDAY 090828 Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 135155185×1155155 Advertisements

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Decided to do an 18 hour fast. Last meal was 8:00 last night, +18 hrs = 2:00 today.Breakfast-2:003 oz. kielbasa1c. sourkraut, 2c. spinachhandful of peanuts~3P, 2c, 10FDinner– 5:00Beef and kielbasa stew~6P, 3C, 4FSnack- 8:00Slice of primal cheesecake with strawberries~1C, 20FTotals-~9P, … Continue reading

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