As a well rounded “athlete,” I would like to be able to complete these Crossfit challenges:

1. Do ten consecutive muscle-ups without touching ground.

2. Do 21 consecutive “thrusters” (deep front sqauat to push-press) with dumbbells totaling 1/2 your body weight.

3. Beat Philippe Kahn’s 1:26.0 500 meter Concept II row. 

4. Vertical leap 1/2 your body height Done 7-17-12, 45.5 inch box jump

5. Run 1 mile and bench-press you body weight 21 reps all within ten minutes.

6. Row 500 meters THEN perform a set of 20 STRICT pull-ups both within 4 minutes. 

7.Bench press your weight 30 times. Of course, this is a single set.

8. 15 Handstand push-ups on the rings. Contact with the straps/cables is cool, climbing them with the legs is an immediate DQ.

Some other challenges I would like to be able to do are the “Level 4” challenges from Crossfit Seattle. I have done most of the level 3 challenges within workouts, but haven’t attempted some others.


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