Breakfast (7:30 a)
Lazy this morning so protein shake with milk, banana and peanut butter
~5P, 4C, 10F
Lunch (12:30)
7 oz. pulled pork
2 1/2c. salad with 2T ranch and 1 avocado
~7P, 2C, 18F
Snack (3:30) *started supplementing vitamin D- 2,000 I.U.’s
1 apple with 3T pb
~2C, 15F
Activity: squats, swings and chest to bar pullups
Dinner (6:30)
zucchini spaghetti
1 banana with 1T almond butter
~5P, 4C, 18F
Totals-~ 17P, 12C, 61F

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3 Responses to 090415

  1. pnw fitness says:

    You probably know, but Cod liver oil is an excellent source of Vitamin D (& A) and also provides a ton of omega 3 which you may or may not need being paleo.Kills a couple birds with one stone, which any caveman would love 😉

  2. murray_sd says:

    Thanks,I'll definitely look into the cod liver oil. I like the idea of taking/buying fewer supplements.

  3. pnw fitness says:

    I was just drinking it and mixing with shakes. Not wonderfully pleasant thing to drink straight, so I bought some softgels for when I don't feel like mixing.Just make sure you watch the labels. Many mfgs stuff them with soy. I'd look for something "free" of heavy metals too. I use mostly Twinlabs. If liquid, get the mint if you can, not bad at all. Think there's lemon too.http://pnwfitness.info/read/norwegian-cod-liver-oil-liquid/

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